On Mala's Work :


"The realities simply disappear and all abstract shapes and forms emerge like magic." -- K.M.Adimoolam

" Excellent imaginative work." - Binoy Behl

" You have opened my eyes." -- Vivek Das

" Tremendous sense of graphic design." -- Pradip Dasgupta

" How do you visualise objects through your lens, Oh the artist of a Photographer." - Reboti Bhushan Ghosh

" Wonderful experience! I admire your views, your sense of framing and subject matter." - Prabhakar Kolte

"The images you capture are real aesthetic beauties, such lovely images from ordinary things." - Avinash Pasricha

"Words cannot express how you see nature." - Bibi Ray

"It has composition, texture and is painterly. "-- Jehangir Sabavala

"Fascinating work." -- Rafique Sayed

"Feast of eyes." -- Helen Underwood

"Mala not only opens doors of our imagination but also tells stories that we can share and be thrilled." -- Tawfique Ali

"The frames are imbued with an old world clarity and economy of elements, unimpaired by consumerist clutter." -- Aruna Bhowmik

"The image transcends the medium & hovers in a manner that Henri Cartier Bresson has described as" ...unexpected details that will release a marvellous and compelling reality just beneath the banal surface of ordinary experience.' -- Geeta Doctor

"Mala Mukerjee's works turn the familiar and the commonplace into an exotic and extraordinary experience." -- Vasantha Iyer

"Their intimacy and warmth bring in a suggestion of fantasy and enchantment, as if on a magic stage." -- Marta Jakimowicz-Karle

"There is such serenity in stone, thanks to you." -- Ashish Khokar

"Mala's clarity of vision and technical brilliance make her creations unique and extraordinary." - Kazi Mostaque Ahmed

"The magical minimalism on the bedrock of reality gets under the skin." -- Uma Nair

"Her images transcend bounds of the surrounding reality." -- Roopa Rai Chowdhurie

"Outstandingly beautiful poems on celluloid." - Tanmoy Sen

"Mukerjee’s photos reflect graceful contemplation of intimate glimpses of life, 

her subjects ranging from fatigued workers to children to lower middle class

workplace. Her photos have a soft luxurious subtlety of human warmth"- Prabhat Sharan  

" Mala Mukerjee seems to capture sounds, smells and colours of cities she travels to"-Jasmin Shah Varma




"Philosophical, powerful and introspective." - Dr. Ashok Ganguly

"A stunning exhibition. Mala has a magic touch."- Indira Mahinda

"I can feel the heat and light coming straight out of the works." - Sir Brian Shaw

"There is a feeling of serenity, an unusual touch to an ordinary frame." - Justice Leila Sheth

"Stunning, beautifully evocative." - Christopher Vermont

"Mala's vision of the world is highly spiritual and metaphysical, but nevertheless, always light and aerial." - Andre Raynouard

"I am reminded of the beauty and goodness that surrounds us." - S. M. Datta